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Welcome to our 85th Dance Season!

Recital Fee Due Saturday, May 14, 2022
Click here to view the detailed Recital 2022 information.

85th Annual Recital
Sunday June 12, 2022
3:00 PM
Dress Rehearsal 1:00 PM
Annual Awards Ceremony
Following the Recital (~4:30 PM)
Scottish Rite Masonic Center
65 Saunders Road
Newport News, VA

2022 Summer Dance Session
Summer Registration 7-Week Specials!
June 14-June 30 Mon-Fri 2-7 PM
Classes start July 5, 2022
Free registration fee for returning students!

COVID-19 Safety Protocols
  • All classes will follow Safe Studio guidelines with respect to social distancing
  • Face masks are mandatory for adults and older students
  • Anyone entering the facility will be subject to temperature checks
  • Hands must be sanitized upon entry

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Studio Classes

Offering tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, acrobatics, middle eastern (belly dance), and yoga for ages three to adult!
Parents and students can tailor a dance program to their specific needs through both private and group classes.

Students begin with the Combination Class, which teaches tap, ballet, and tumbling to for ages 3-5 years. The Combination Class is specially designed to maintain students' interest, while developing a wide range of basic skills.

Programs for childen, pre-teens, teens, and adults offer specialized training with thirty-minute sessions in each subject: tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical and contemporary. Ballet technique and contemporary may require special consideration.

Refer to the Schedule section for the current class offerings and daily schedule.

Annual Recital

All students have the opportunity to participate in the annual studio recital in June.
All students are welcome to participate in the annual recital, the culmination of the year's efforts. Costumes are ordered and purchased in January/February for the June recital.

Recital is an exciting and rewarding time for students, parents, and teachers. It is a team effort which everyone can be proud of!

All tuition MUST be paid before your child may perform in the recital.

Floor Shows & Parades

The studio supports the local community by participating in parades and floor shows throughout the year. Parents are welcome to don a costume and participate, too!


Special Events

Students at Fields Dance Studio also have the opportunity to participate in in a variety of special activities, including: Parades, floor shows, skating parties, dance conventions and competitions, studio parties, performances, the annual Miss Fields Dance Studio pageant, the annual award ceremony, and (of course!) annual recital.

Studio Schedule

The Summer 2022 dance session starts July 5th. You may purchase or order your
dance supplies at registration.

Subject to Change
Date Event Time
May 14, 2022 Recital/Awards Fee Due  
May 21, 2022 Recital Pictures As assigned
May 27-30, 2022 Memorial Day Break  
June 4, 2022 Company Placement  
June 12, 2022 Recital Dress Rehearsal 1:00 - 2:30 PM
June 12, 2022 85th Annual Recital 3:00 PM
June 12, 2022 Awards Ceremony Following the recital
(~4:30 PM)
June 14-30, 2022 Summer Session Registration Mon - Fri 2-7 PM
July 5, 2022 Summer Session Starts  

2021-2022 Dance Class Schedule
Subject to Change
Time Age Group/Level Class
5:30 - 7:00 PM 5-7 yrs Tap - Ballet - Jazz
6:00 - 7:30 PM Level 1 & 2 Tap - Jazz - Lyrical
7:00 - 8:30 PM PM Level 3 & 4 Tap - Jazz - Lyrical
7:30 - 9:00 PM Adult Tap - Ballet - Jazz/Lyrical
6:15 - 7:15 PM Adult Yoga
7:30 - 8:30 PM Adult Belly Dance (All Levels)
6:00 - 7:30 PM 8-10 yrs Tap - Ballet - Jazz
6:00 - 7:00 PM 3-5 yrs Tap - Ballet - Creative Movement
7:00 - 8:00 PM Level 1 through 4 Ballet Technique

Dance Supplies

Dance supplies can be purchased or ordered at the studio. Allow a one-week delivery for orders. A limited selection of used shoes are available at half-price.

You may start class in ballet shoes and socks, shorts, and tops until your dance supplies arrive. Girls MUST have tan dance shoes and pink ballet shoes for shows, pictures, and Recital!

Girls/Women (Combination Class):
Pink ballet shoes (required); Tan tap shoes; tan jazz shoes
Class attire: Leotard & tights, unitard, or demi-skirts or biker pants with leotard. NO panty hose. Hair up.

Boys (Combination Class):
Black tap shoes; black ballet or gymnastic shoes; black jazz shoes
Class attire: Solid T-shirt and shorts, biker pants, warm-up pants, or jazz pants. NO pockets in pants.

Hip Hop:
Knee pads, black hip hop sneakers
Class attire: T-shirt or tank top; leggings, jazz pants, or warm-up pants. NO jeans or midriff tops. Hair pulled back or up.

Yoga mat
Class attire: Comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement. Bare feet or non-slip socks.

Belly dance:
Information on specialty dance props (veil, zils, tambourine, sword, etc.) will be provided at class time.
Class attire: Comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement. Bare feet or dance slippers.

Dance Supply Prices

(Prices Subject to Change Without Notice)
Item Price
Jazz Shoes $40
Ballet Shoes $20
Split-Sole Ballet Shoes $25
Lyrical Shoes $20 and up
Hip Hop Sneakers $45
Girl's/Women's Character Shoes $50
Girl's/Women's Tap Shoes (includes taps) $32
Women's Heel Tap Shoes (includes taps) $60
Ladies' Tap Oxfords (includes taps) $55-$75
Boy's Tap Shoes (includes taps) $42
Men's Tap Oxfords (includes taps) $75
Dance T-shirts $15 - $18
Dance Pants $15 - $18
Jazz Pants $18 - $25
Leotards $14 and up
Tights $6.50 and up
Knee Pads $13.50
Dance Bags $12 and up
Dance Backpack $26

Rates and Fees

The studio offers multi-subject discounts for individual students, and also family discounts. There is a 5% discount for advance annual payment in full of the dance year's tuition.

Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. There is no deduction for missed classes.

Tuition is due monthly in advance. There is a $10 late fee after the 10th of the month.

Subject to Change
Package Selection
Non-refundable Registration Fee
Per pupil, per dance season
$25 (per year)
Private Lessons
Any subject, Levels I-V
$25/per 30-minute class
$35/per 1-hour class
45 minutes to 1 hour per week $84/session (one student)
$74/session (if taking another full-price class)
20% discount (one additional student)
25% discount (two or more additional students)
Discounts are for immediate family only
80 minutes - 1 1/2 hours per week $100/session
2 hours per week $135/session (standard)
$135/session (ballet technique)
$100/session (if taking another full-price class)
2 1/2 hours per week $155/session
Yoga $40/month
$12 per drop-in class
1 hour per week
Middle Eastern Dance
(Belly Dance)
$15 per drop-in class

Class Age Range Subjects Taught Hours per Week
Pre-School Combination 3-5 years Tap - Ballet - Creative Movement- Song & Dance 1 hour
Combination with Jazz 5 years Tap - Ballet - Creative Movement - Jazz 80 minutes
Primary Combination (All Levels) 6 - 10 years Tap - Ballet - Jazz 30 minutes per subject
Pre-Teen & Teen Combination 9 - 18 years (Levels II, III, IV, V) Tap - Ballet/Pointe - Jazz - Lyrical/Contemporary
Ballet Technique required for Pointe
30-45 minutes per subject
Specialty Classes 6 years and up Ballet Technique - Hip Hop - Conditioning 45 minutes - 1 hour
Middle Eastern Dance 15 years - adult Belly Dance
Folk dances of North Africa & the Middle East
1 hour
Yoga 15 years - adult Beginning and Intermediate 1 hour
Private Lessons All ages Levels I - V, all subjects 30 minutes


Contact Information

Fields Dance Studio
596 Hemlock Road
Newport News, Virginia, USA
(757) 596-5113
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